Arthritis pain: This type of swimming can help relieve symptoms linked to joint pain

Arthritis pain: This type of swimming can help relieve symptoms linked to joint pain

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint and around 10 million people in the UK have it.

The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but currently there’s no cure for either.

Regular exercise is recommended as a natural cure and, particularly for rheumatoid arthritis, lap swimming has been proven to help.

Arthritis Foundation explains why this type of swimming is so good for arthritis sufferers.

It says: “Swimming is a wonderful zero-impact sport for people with arthritis. It works all your muscle groups and builds cardiovascular endurance. It also stretches and lengthens your body, improving your posture.

“Swimming laps can be very meditative, there is no pounding music, no clanging weights - it’s just you and the water. The support of the water and the lack of joint impact make swimming a good choice for people who are unable to undertake high-impact activities, such as running.”

The organisation does say to consider specific modifications depending on your joints affected:

Although warm water exercise is often more comfortable for those with arthritis, it is not ideal for lap swimming. A pool that is too hot will increase your blood pressure more rapidly than if you are in a cooler pool.

They contain compounds that help to maintain a healthy gut, which prevents toxins and harmful chemicals from spreading around the body, according to scientists at Penn State University.

The amount you need of these vegetables doesn’t even have to be that many.

Just a cup full of Brussels sprouts could help to reduce arthritis pain, they said.

Pineapple is also believed to be able to relieve painful joints

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