'We'll get you!' - UK Security Minister in BLUNT threat to Russia as WW3 fears escalate

'We'll get you!' - UK Security Minister in BLUNT threat to Russia as WW3 fears escalate

Appearing on BBC Newsnight, Ben Wallace, the Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime, told Russians that the UK was “coming to get you”.

Theresa May addressed the House of Commons to pledge punishment for the nerve agent attack of Mr Skripal and his daughter after the Prime Minister said Putin’s Government were “highly likely” behind the incident.

Outlining the Government’s hard stance, Mr Wallace warned Russians operating in London: “We are going to take steps to get the money off you if we can’t get you are well.

“Only last week Britain went up in the rankings of the least corrupt county, we are now eighth in the world.

“I’d like to see that go higher.”

Yesterday afternoon Theresa May imposed harsh retaliatory measures on Russia, including the expulsion of 23 high-level 'diplomats', which the Prime Minister said were in reality "undeclared intelligence officers".

The move marks the biggest such dismissal in more than 30 years.

The Conservative leader also said UK diplomats would boycott the World Cup in the summer and that assets would be seized from Putin’s cronies living in the UK.

In his interview with Evan Davis on Newsnight, Mr Wallace said: “We have let the City of London’s reputation as a world centre for finance to be exploited by some pretty nasty individuals who have used illicit money flows around the world to come here, either to harbour it or to clean it, to use move it around, or invest it.”

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said in an interview with the TV channel Euronews that Moscow was not afraid of the UK’s punishment.

He said: “Unfortunately, London opted for a language of ultimatums.

“I can say that the language of ultimatums won’t be of any help in dealing with Russia, as Russia is not afraid of anything.

“I think that both London and other western capitals could see it for themselves.

“I am disappointed with the debates that are being held in the British Parliament and the official statements that are made instead of looking into the whole situation and involving Russia in the investigation.”

Russia are yet to announce if they are planning any retaliatory measures to the punishments outlined by Mrs May in Parliament.

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