'We're LEAVING Europe' - BBC Question Time panelist SLAMS EU VP for 'forgetting' Brexit

'We're LEAVING Europe' - BBC Question Time panelist SLAMS EU VP for 'forgetting' Brexit

The panellists were answering the question from the audience whether the UK was heading towards a New Cold War.

One audience member said she didn’t think the UK could “tackle this issue in isolation” and that the UK needs “partners in Europe and the UN” to begin increasing sanctions.

Vice President of the European Parliament Mairead McGuinness agreed and said: “In fact the President of the Council wants it on the agenda for next week’s Prime Minister’s meeting in Brussels.”

RT presenter Afshin Rattansi interrupted, saying: “But we’re leaving Europe.”

But the Vice President added: “But from a security point of view, I don’t think the UK is leaving Europe.”

Mr Rattansi said: “Are we reaching a Cold War? I think its certainly the worst in my lifetime it’s like a Cuban Missile Crisis Theresa May seems to want.

“Obviously Vladimir Putin can turn off the lights in this studio because of appalling energy strategic decisions over decades.

“How we have allowed Russia to have such an important role in our energy sector I don’t know.”

He added that he does not know why there are 800 British troops on the Russian border and after Moscow said “do not threaten a nuclear power” the stakes have never been higher.

He continued: “If Vladimir Putin is indeed running a rogue state he wouldn’t hesitate to kill us all.

“Or, can one actually talk to him?”

In the fall-out in the aftermath of Mr Skripal’s poisoning, Theresa May expelled 23 Russian diplomats from the UK.

She also said British officials would boycott the World Cup and threatened seize the assets of corrupt Russians in London.

Mr Rattansi continued: “I believe the steps taken this week has endangered our national security.

“Russia is in a broad alliance with the Brics countries.

“Russia is in an alliance with China and the big superpowers of this century and post-Brexit we will make friends I am sure we are going to get over this.”

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