Daily Horoscope on November 10: YOUR star sign reading, zodiac and astrology forecast

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Daily Horoscope on November 10: YOUR star sign reading, zodiac and astrology forecast

The transit moon is still in Sagittarius, which is a very positive sign, and an ideal opportunity to focus on our goals and time to do something you enjoy. Venus is currently retrograding backwards through the astrological charts and will continue to do so until next week. Venus enters retrograde motion every 18 months and can present challenges for those in relationships.

Venus is considered to be the ruler of relationships, love, balance and beauty.

Scorpios born on November 10 are believed to have so much strength of will there is nothing they cannot accomplish.

And additionally Scorpios possess a keen intelligence.

However, Scorpios need to develop their spiritual side; if they do not, it becomes easier for them to be seduced by worldly attractions that bring little satisfaction.

The transit of Mercury will make a semi-square with Venus, which is still retrograde.

The main area which could be affected by this transit is the area of communication, connections and relationships.

Astrologer Marina of MarsStar Astrology Insights said the transit of Mercury is a time to find balance.

She added: “This could be a time when there are unbalanced situations between our ideas and our minds and also between our hearts and our emotions.

“Try to find the balance between your words and your mind.

“This could could be positive aspect to solve situations which require more attention or more effort.

“If you need to be more direct, if you need to be more reasonable or rational in you approach, than this day will be positive for you.

“Remember, the kinder and more polite you are, the better result you can achieve. B

“But at the some time don’t neglect yourself.

“It is really about finding the balance.“

People born on this date retain a remarkable loyalty to friends, even if circumstances divide them.

They have the ability to bond with others on a spiritual level.

Romantic love is the most profound experience in their lives and people born on this date will seek a soul mate, not just a partner.

Even if hurt by the ones they love, they never lose their idealism.

People born on this date also have a need to be involved in work that challenges them intellectually.

They have a deep understanding of philosophy, science, and religion.

Although they have the intelligence to handle their finances well, they have a generous nature and may often spend money foolishly.

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