Disgusting assault made worse by indifference - EXPRESS COMMENT

Disgusting assault made worse by indifference - EXPRESS COMMENT

Video footage shows a male officer being dragged around as he tried to make an arrest.

Then a second man aimed a flying kick at a female officer, who ends up lying in the street. Several cars filed past and didn't even stop. But, worse, the event was filmed by a man who boasted: "I'm getting this all live."

What sort of person is more interested in recording something to put on social media than doing something to help two unarmed police officers? No wonder the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation warns that violent suspects will be allowed to go free unless the public backs the police.

We all have responsibility to do our bit in keeping society safe from violent criminals. How would that man recording the scene have felt if he had been the one subjected to such an assault?

Powerless Border Force

It's all very well claiming we will take back control of our borders once we leave the EU on March 29. But how, realistically, will we do that if - as we reveal today - there are just two Border Force boats patrolling nearly 8,000 miles of UK coastline? The answer is: we won't. "Nobody should put their life at risk attempting to smuggle themselves into the UK across the Channel," says the Home Office. No, but they do.

More than 60 suspected migrants have arrived here in the past week alone and no political settlement with the rest of Europe will stem the flow unless we have a proper fleet of cutters patrolling our waters. We are either serious about illegal immigration or we are not.

If we are serious, we need to invest properly in our seaborne defences and train our Border Force accordingly.

OAPs to the rescue

Older people are often overlooked. So we welcome the move by Greater Manchester Police to deploy a team of "Scambuster" pensioners to help fellow OAPs who have become victims of online scams or other frauds. Senior citizens who give of their time in this way should be welcomed. Contrary to perceptions, the elderly are a vital resource and we should treasure them.

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