Midterm elections polls: Who will win in the Senate and the House? Voter turnout SOARS

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Midterm elections polls: Who will win in the Senate and the House? Voter turnout SOARS

Midterm election voting will be taking place tomorrow on November 6, as the country decides the composition of Congress.

The battle is between the Democrat and Republican parties, for the House of Representatives and the Senate, the two chambers of Congress.

In the currently Republican heavy House of Representatives, each one of the 435 seats are up for reelection and a further 35 are available in the Senate.

This gives the Democrats a chance to flip Congress and grasp a majority for themselves, which could ultimately put a hold on Donald Trump’s powers.

Who will win in the Senate?

The Senate race is the less difficult to call of the two Congress chambers, as only 35 seats are up for reelection.

This means only a third of the 100 total seats are up for a replacement.

Of these seats, 23 Democrat seats are safe from election and 42 Republican seats are safe.

Turning over the incumbent Senate majority is an unlikely outcome when Democrats are defending many more seats.

At the moment Republican dominance is reflected in the polls too, as they are higher billed for Senate positions over the Democrats.

In order to win control of the Senate, the Democrats will need to capture over 50 seats, making the majority.

Pollsters FiveThirtyEight gathered a selection of different polls to forecast the possible composition of the Senate.

Their findings pointed towards an 85.6 percent chance of a Republican majority in the Senate come election day.

The chances of the Democrats gaining a majority are on 14.4 percent, but chances are also on the party gaining at least two seats from this round of elections.

Who will win in the house of Representatives?

The House of Representatives has a full 435 seats up for reelection, meaning the entire composition of the chamber is up for replacement.

Either party could claim a majority if they had the power behind them, which should have made the race a close call.

Early voting has revealed a massive turnout for the 2018 midterms and this has come in favour of the Democrats.

A partnership between USA TODAY and Suffolk University in polling the midterm elections have found large voter turnout is due to Donald Trump’s leadership.

According to 35 percent of early voters, they are voting against the Republicans due to leadership from the current Commander in Chief, while a smaller 23 percent are voting in favour of the Republicans.

When asked how they would vote should an election be held right now, 51 percent favoured the Democrats, and 43 percent would vote Republican.

In addition, FiveThirtyEight have supplied an 85.6 percent chance of Democrat dominance, with a proposed average seat gain of 38.

If these figures held for November 6, this would enable the Democrats to form a vice grip on the House of Representatives and strange Republican legislative power.

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