BBC Weather forecast: Carol Kirkwood WARNS of weather front to hit UK on New Year's Eve

BBC Weather forecast: Carol Kirkwood WARNS of weather front to hit UK on New Year's Eve

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned the two new systems will hit overnight between Friday and Saturday. The first will bring consistent rain showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland while the second will hit the whole country with fog, clouds and patchy rain. New Year's Eve will see temperatures remaining mild into the low double figures but a murky and cloudy sky is expected everywhere at midnight.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Moving from Friday into Saturday, high pressure is still clinging on by the looks of it.

“A breezier day you can tell and we’ve got a couple of weather fronts coming our way.

“The first one crosses Scotland bringing some rain there and some patchier rain across Northern Ireland.

“Then the second band comes in behind it.

“As a weak feature, you can see how fairly sporadic it is but still a fair bit of cloud around.

“Temperature-wise not bad if you like it milder, 11C to 13C.

“On Sunday, still a lot of cloud around, some breaks here and there.

“Breezy across the north of the country, here too we’ll see some patchy rain.

“Once again temperatures around about 11C to 13C.

“And for New Year’s Eve, depending on where you are, still a lot of clouds around.

“It’s like the needle got stuck in the weather.

“With some brighter breaks, breezy across the far north with some patchy light rain.

“Into the midnight hour it should also be dry but it will be murky for some of us but not particularly cold.”

The new year could see temperatures drop dramatically and the Beast from the East to return to our shores with some heavy snow.

An SSW event was responsible for triggering the extreme cold weather which virtually ground Britain to a standstill just before spring.

It could be far worse this time round with temperatures in the Polar stratosphere expected to rocket around 80C before the end of the month.

Cold weather threatens to take hold at New Year with January likely to be plagued with ‘widespread snow events’, according to long-range forecasters.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Colder weather at the end of the year is likely to herald the start of a change to more wintry conditions.

“There could be some lengthy cold spells through the start of January, on current indications this trend will hold out through the month.

“There will also be a risk of further widespread snow events through the start of next year, this is something to watch out for.

“January is expected to be a colder than average month, and will probably bring the lowest temperatures of winter so far.”

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