Daily Horoscope on December 16: Sunday’s star sign reading, zodiac and astrology forecast

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Daily Horoscope on December 16: Sunday’s star sign reading, zodiac and astrology forecast

Astrology forecasts for today are calling for more attention to relationships and practical decisions, according to astrologers. Forecasters today say Venus will sextile Saturn and semi-square the Sun, while the Moon’s sign is Aries. Sextile refers to when planets or zodiac signs are at a 60 degree angle from other planets or signs, encouraging one another. Semi-square means the two planets are forming a 45 degree angle between one another.

According to Marina, of MarStars.net, people on December 16 will need to put extra work into close relations.

She said: “Today the transit Venus will make sextile with saturn, a very interesting combination which can help us to be more in control of our emotions and feelings.

“This is an aspect which requires more responsibility when it comes to relationships and connections with other people.

“Be more responsible when it comes to your closest people, show them your application and how you feel in a practical way.”

Marina added that the current aspects are demanding of a physically visible act of appreciation towards loved-ones.

She continued: “Saturn requires concrete evidences or actions in order to show you truly love or appreciate your partner.

“At the same time, keep in mind that Venus will make a semi-square with the Sun, and this aspect can make us more sensitive and emotional, and we may take things too personally.

“The aspect between Venus and the Sun is not really challenging as after all these planets are both positive."

“At the same time, it may change our perspective a little bit.”

Outside of relationships, the current alignment will encourage people to evaluate certain aspects of their life practically.

Marina said: “It is a positive thing we have the sextile with Venus and Saturn because this aspect can help us to be more capable of evaluating things properly in a correct and real way.

“The transit Moon is in Ares as well, which means a very active and positive day for doing new things, starting things, physical energies for exercise and sport increased.”

Marina does warn however of the negative side effects of a Moon in the sign of Aries.

She said: “Some times with the Moon on Ares we might be more impatient or more impulsive.

“Generally we can use the day for something creative, positive and more meaningful.”

The best plan for this Sunday does not rest in relaxation or a day on the couch, but effort in many aspects of life.

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