It's time to compromise and accept May's deal - EXPRESS COMMENT

It's time to compromise and accept May's deal - EXPRESS COMMENT

But you wonder what the vast majority of the British public made of it beyond being sick and tired of going round and round in circles. The Prime Minister did move the process forward by saying the Meaningful Vote will now be held in the third week of January. Her critics accuse of her of trying to run the clock down - and yet at the same time they complain that she is not listening to their concerns.

They can not have it both ways, just as the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to get away with accusing Mrs May of putting her own interests before that of the country when he and his Labour cronies are offering absolutely no credible alternative.

Mrs May insists that "further clarification" over the Irish backstop issue is still possible and she says that a second referendum would cause "irretrievable damage to the integrity of our democracy". She is right on the second point and we choose to take her word for it on the first point.

But there are now a few more weeks to negotiate, after which we urge politicians on all sides of the House to accept an element of compromise and finally vote in favour of her deal.

The power of forgiveness

Christmas is all about families coming together, we are told. It's often far from easy but effort has to be made. That's why the stand-off between the Duchess of Sussex and her father Thomas Markle has become such a sad spectacle. And a spectacle is what it is, as Mr Markle again speaks out about the daughter he fears he has lost.

None of us is privy to the exact circumstances of their estrangement but Mr Markle should resist the temptation to speak publicly about his daughter. The more he does, the more the gulf will widen. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon. We would like to see Meghan and her father use it.

Baby, It's Absurd Outside

Joan Collins is right. Calls to ban Baby, It's Cold Outside from the airwaves are absurd. The pendulum has swung absurdly in the direction of political and social correctness.

This is the time of year when office parties are in full swing, when perhaps a colleague summons the courage to express affection for someone.

Perhaps they just want to offer a sincere compliment or, as Joan puts it, indulge in the "art of seduction". What a boring, sterile world it will be if such behaviour is regarded as off-limits.

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