PANIC over MYSTERIOUS beam of light: NASA previously spotted 'pulsing red pillar' in sky

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PANIC over MYSTERIOUS beam of light: NASA previously spotted 'pulsing red pillar' in sky

A mysterious, unexplained phenomenon has sent witnesses into a frenzy after a bizarre pillar of light appeared to hover above Canadian skies. The sighting, first recorded in December, has been described as “extremely enigmatic and unexplained”. Footage of the incident shows a strange red pulsing beam of light in the skies near Edmonton, Canada.

Viewers have pointed out that the beams are eerily similar to those seen in Michigan and also close to the International Space Station in 2017.

Tyler Glockner, from conspiracy YouTube channel SecureTeam10, uploaded footage of the incident sent in by a viewer.

In the footage, three witnesses can be heard discussing the bizarre sighting.

The man behind the camera asks: “What the hell is that?”

A nearby person claims that it “could be HAARP” - a government agency long linked to suspected weather manipulation.

Another person suddenly asks whether people just saw "that big black things that flew across the sky”.

Tyler Glocken says: “This is evidence of the resurgence of the extremely enigmatic and unexplainable lights about the Earth.

“We have seen these pillars everywhere This is a very eerie occurrence -

“We have seen this before, a single pillar of light sitting in the sky, and it don’t seem to be coming from below or above.

"Light pillars can occur but this is just one. A single light pillar does not occur naturally in the atmosphere."

According to the viewers, the sighting could be proof an alien weapon in action.

In 2017, similar lights were spotted on the ISS's live feed.

Zooming in on one image from the space station, a giant red beam of light can be seen moving away from the Earth's atmosphere.

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