April the Giraffe: When will April give birth this month? Latest vet projections

April the Giraffe has become an internet sensation over the last few years after zookeepers posted a live stream of the late stages of her fourth pregnancy in 2017. Fans are now eagerly watching YouTube every day again after Animal Adventure Park, in New York, announced their giraffe is expecting her fifth calf. The zoo believes April will give birth sometime in spring. 

April’s carers said: “Without question, we are there – it’s a matter of when.

“With darkness soon falling on the park, and many of our viewers, it should be an interesting next 12 hours!”

When will April give birth this month?

At 9.50pm GMT on Monday, 47,804 people were watching the live Youtube stream of April as she munched on some snacks in her pen.

However, April’s exact due date is still not known, although the zookeepers think it may be before the end of March. 

Keeper and Dr Tim, who works at Animal Adventure Park, gave an update on April’s pregnancy on Sunday evening local time. 

He posted online: “There was interest in grain this evening versus minimal to none this morning.

“The slight jumps viewers observe on the cam are the result of pressure and calf kicks, so we do know baby is alive and well, and positioning.

“Our team has no concern for April, and continue to monitor, but we will admit - all signs pointed to a weekend calf. Again - we watch and wait.

“Promising and new is that April's tail is now hanging and pinning to the left a bit, which is appropriate and expected positioning for the big moment.”</span></span>

How long are giraffes pregnant? 

Giraffes are pregnant for 14 to 15 months on average, which is one of the longest gestation periods in the animal kingdom.

April’s carers were not sure exactly when she became pregnant in 2016, so the mystery of her due date was the reason she became an instant viral sensation in February 2017.

April finally gave birth to her fourth calf on April 15, 2017, which was watched at least 15 million times on YouTube.

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