Scientists call to ban sex in space to protect unborn children

For it would be impossible for a baby born in space to return to Earth as it would be killed by gravity, say researchers at Asgardia, the world's first "space nation". Asgardia's warning comes amid talk of colonies being set up on the Moon or Mars in the next few years. Astronauts are also spending longer periods of time on the International Space Station.

Human skeletons, muscles and cardiovascular systems have developed to thrive in the gravitational pull of Earth.

On Mars, it is 38 per cent of the Earth's, which means if you weigh 100lb on Earth, you would weigh 38lb there.

On the Moon, you would weigh just 16lb. Scientists say any child conceived on the planets would have weaker bones and be crushed on Earth.

Professor Floris Wuyts, researcher and Asgardia Minister of Science, said: "Artificial gravity (AG) is most likely the key factor to success, but the big question remains which level of AG is needed. Asgardia aims at solving this issue."

Asgardia, which has leading politicians and scientist as members, plans to set up habitable platforms in space and build settlements on the moon.

It will hold a conference next month in Vienna, Austria.

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