UK SNOW WARNING: Shock weather chart shows 95 percent chance of SNOW blast this weekend

The Met Desk chart predicts that much of central Scotland has the greatest chance of seeing snow - at 95 percent or above on Saturday. The rest of Scotland and the north of England also have a good chance of being buried in a snowy whiteout. However, the snow dump will be restricted to the northern half of the UK, and the chart does not even predict the slightest chance of snowfall in the midlands or the south.

BBC meteorologist Simon King outlined the UK forecast for the rest of the week as it builds up to the wintry weekend.

He said: “Even if it’s quite cloudy where you are at the moment there’ll be some sunny spells developing and it’s dry for most of us.

“High pressure centred on the southwest - that’s why we’ve got the clearest skies there at the moment.

“Elsewhere, there’s a bit more cloud around.

“The thickest across Scotland where there’ll be some rain.

“Elsewhere, where you’ve got that cloud, it will tend to break up and there will be some sunshine trying to break through that cloud across England and Wales.

“Temperatures maybe a degree higher than they were yesterday - 13, 14, maybe even 15 degrees.

“For many more of us tonight there could be a touch of frost into Thursday morning.

“The high pressure doesn’t move very far on Thursday - just edging its way a little bit further north and eastwards which will break up that cloud a little bit more.

“Plenty of bright weather and sunshine across many parts of the UK.

“Temperatures could be even higher tomorrow - typical values about 14-16 degrees, maybe one or two spots up to 17 or even 18 degrees.

“Lots of sunshine again on Friday.

“Going into the weekend that rain in the northwest is all linked in with this cold front.

“Gradually during Saturday it’s going to push its way south and eastwards.

“Temperatures will drop and it will be much cooler into next week - also the risk of some wintry showers.”

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