UK weather forecast: Met Office warns Britain 'getting colder' as weather front moves in

forecaster Alex Deakin said temperatures could pick up to 18C on Friday before a cold front moves in and causes the mercury to plummet. Before temperatures drop over the weekend, the Met Office meteorologist said Thursday will be cloudy and start off with widespread mist and fog. He added: “Some patchy drizzly rain at times in the northwest as the breeze increases here.

“But for most, it is dry and fine and probably a bit more sunshine on Thursday which will again lift those temperatures by a degree or so.

“15C or 16C is possible on Thursday, maybe even a degree or so higher where the sun shines the longest.”

Mr Deakin then warned a weather front will push in across parts of the far northwest of the UK on Friday.

The Met Office forecaster added: “There’s some uncertainty about the exact timing through Friday but it may well bring more cloud and more persistent rain across western Scotland.

“It may even push into parts of Northern Ireland and central and southern Scotland as the day goes on. To the north of that, it may brighten up with sunshine and showers.

“Whereas, further south it is by and large another fine day. If anything, we could see the temperatures across the south certainly peaking on Friday to 17C and maybe 18C. Typically, 14C or 15C.

“It will be cooler further north because that band of rain is a cold front that then tends to scoot through it looks like as we go into the weekend. High pressure is still nearby.

“But behind that weather front, colder air will be pushing further south. So, although this week is largely dry and it will be getting warmer through the working week, at the moment signs are it could turn a bit colder as we go towards the weekend.

“Some probably breezier too with a few more showers around.”

But in the meantime, Weather has predicted that the bone-dry weather will last much of the working week.

BBC Weather Meteorologist Ben Rich said: “If you like your Spring weather dry then I think you’ll find plenty to like about this weather forecast.

Because, for most of us, very little rain to come through the next few days.

“Some sunny spells, equally, some fairly large areas of cloud.

“And I think towards the end of the week those temperatures will start to climb a little bit.

“High pressure firmly in charge - that’s what’s keeping things settled.”

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