UK weather forecast: Temperatures 'turn COLDER' as BRUTAL front engulfs nation SUNDAY

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin has forecast a colder start to next week despite the higher temperatures felt during the latter part of this week. He added that many places could expect frost on Sunday night going into Monday as it becomes noticeably colder through Sunday afternoon. Mr Deakin also said: “Most of us won’t see much rain and it will be turning a little bit colder as widespread frost is expected.

“This is because of high pressure dominating across northern Europe keeping things widely dry but we do have this weather front that has been close to Northern Scotland all week and will finally trickle into the mainland during Friday night into Saturday morning.

“It could make for a damp start through the central belt and parts of Northern Ireland on Saturday with a little bit of light rain here and there and heading for the south it will turn a little bit damper across parts of Northern England

“It will be turning colder so much so that the showers in the far north will have a wintery flavour to them.

“For the bulk of England and Wales it looks largely bright and we will see some sunshine.”

Temperatures will be getting into the teens in the south of the country whereas most of Scotland and Northern Ireland will have temperatures in single digits.

The colder air is expected to arrive from Scotland and move south towards the rest of the country.

The Met Office meteorologist continued: “The colder air will be spreading towards pretty much all parts by the time we get to Sunday.

“In terms of rain on that weather front, it is really fizzling out so we are just left with a few spots of drizzly rain here and there and maybe the odd shower.

“There will be a fair bit of cloud around but most places will see some weaker of sunshine but it will be that much colder.

“For most places, it will feel quite a bit colder by Sunday afternoon, particularly Sunday night as there will be widespread frost for Monday morning.”

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