BBC Weather: Britain set to face BIG CHANGE next week as UK to 'turn COOLER'

Britain is set to face its warmest day of the year so far on Saturday but the scorching spring heat is set to come to a sudden end next week.  Weather forecaster Ben Rich said: “With less of a breeze here on Saturday those temperatures should be just a little bit higher. Certainly, high pressure remains in charge of the vast majority. More dry and warm weather to come.”

But the BBC forecaster warned a frontal system will wriggle in around the northwest of the UK, which will lead to cloud and outbreaks of rain.

Mr Rich added: “So, you can see that cloud trying to fringe into Northern Ireland and northwest Scotland. Really not making much progress but there could be the odd spot of rain.

“Away from these areas, any early fog patches will clear. After a relatively chilly start, the sunshine will lift the temperatures widely up into the twenties. But maybe 25C or 26C across parts of the southeast.”

“There could just be the odd mist patch flirting with some North Sea coasts. But it won’t be as windy here as it was on Friday.

“During Saturday night and into Sunday, that frontal system up to the northwest still wriggling around and still feeding cloud and some outbreaks of rain into the far northwest of the UK.”

The BBC Weather forecaster said it will be more of the same sunny conditions on Easter Sunday morning.

Mr Rich said: “There might be a bit of high wispy cloud turning that sunshine hazy at times. Still, this frontal system plaguing the far northwest.

“So, on the cool side here, maybe 12C in store on the way. But elsewhere Sunday afternoon bringing those temperatures into the twenties once again.

“But as we move out of Sunday and into Monday, it looks like that frontal system in the northwest will, if anything, retreat back out into the Atlantic.

“High pressure still broadly in charge of the scene.”

The BBC forecaster said across northern Scotland and the western side of Northern Ireland there will be more cloud but Monday will reveal more in the way of sunshine.

He added: “There is just a small change of a shower breaking out for Wales and the southwest later in the day. But it is only a small chance and it will once again feel very warm.”

But Mr Rich warned: “Things do change slowly as we head through next week.

“There is the increasing chance of catching a shower and it will eventually turn cooler.”

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