BBC Weather forecast: Britain to bask in 26C tomorrow as HEATWAVE hits on Easter weekend

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned the hot will last until Monday at least with temperatures reaching peak levels on Saturday before an Atlantic weather front threatens western parts of the UK on Sunday. Temperatures will reach 26C for many in the south on Saturday but will remain above the 20C mark on Easter Sunday too. Mr Taylor said: “On Saturday, temperatures higher than today. 25C maybe 26C possible in some parts of southern England.

“The cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland are due to those weather fronts you can see in the charts which will be there or thereabouts as we go into Sunday.

“The big uncertainty is just how far in they get because there is some heavy rain attached to them.

“They’ll get very close to the western parts of Northern Ireland through Sunday.

“At the moment, it looks like the heaviest rain will stay out in the Atlantic, just a few showers here and there and then brightening up through the day after a cloudy start.

“England and Wales, the sunshine a little bit hazier than Saturday but still a sunny day nonetheless and we’ll still see temperatures above 20C.”

 weather forecasters have also predicted bright sun and soaring temperatures for Easter weekend.

The conditions will come as welcome news for many, as the period marks family time spent outside for Easter egg hunts and journeys to Easter mass.

The weather is also expected to hold after the long weekend, leading many to claim a heatwave is on the way.

Bookmakers have now slashed odds this Easter will be the hottest ever.

The latest Met Office forecast has said the weather will stay “fine for many with plenty of warm sunshine.”

These conditions are expected to stick in the south, while the north of the country will see more unsettled weather after the weekend.

Easter temperature records could be slashed this weekend, as high pressure over Scandinavia and winds from a warmer southeasterly direction will see temperatures rise this week.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders, said: "We’ve already seen higher than average temperatures this week, with 19.4 Celsius reached yesterday (Wednesday 17th) in Kew Gardens, London.

"Temperatures will continue to rise day by day and with the sun getting stronger at this time of year, it’s going to feel warm or very warm across much of the country this Easter weekend.

“Temperatures will reach into the low 20s Celsius quite widely and there’s a good chance some places, particularly in the south, could see temperatures peaking around 24 to 25 Celsius.

“With temperatures usually around 12 to 15 Celsius at this time of year, it’s certainly going to be significantly warmer than average this Easter weekend and quite a contrast to the colder weather we’ve seen so far this month.”

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