BBC Weather: High river levels spark FLOOD WARNING following Storm Hannah downpours

Alerts have been issued for the UK following Storm Hannah, after “persistent rainfall” brought high river levels and the risk of flooding. The Environment Agency issued a flood alert for River Churnet and River Tean in Staffordshire, which reads: “Flooding is possible - be prepared. River levels are high but steady at the Flint Mill Cheddleton and Basford Bridge river gauges as a result of persistent rainfall. Consequently, the risk of flooding remains. Flooding is affecting low-lying land and roads adjacent to the River Churnet between Leek and Rocester and the River Tean between Adderley and Spath including Cecilly Brook at Cheadle. No further rainfall is forecast. River levels have peaked and will remain steady at these gauges, with no further rise forecasted. River levels are forecast to continue rising further downstream at the Quixhill river gauge.

“We are closely monitoring the situation. Our incident response staff are actively checking river levels and the weather forecast. Please avoid using low lying footpaths and bridges near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded.”

A flood alert has also been issued for Stoke Trent, with river levels remaining high but expected to continue falling.

BBC weather presenter Matt Taylor said: “As you can see here this cloud spilling into the west, a lot of it just high cloud but across Northern Ireland down into the south-west of Wales, Devon and Cornwall, here’s where the cloud is thick enough for further outbreaks of rain or drizzle to develop.

“Not a heavier burst, some will stay dry, certainly a drier scene across the west of Scotland, England and Wales, except for one or two showers down across East Anglia and the south-east.

“Noticeable breeze here keeping things cooler across the coast, but through the Midlands in towards north-west England, 15C, 16C highs.

“Up on yesterday’s values quite substantially and whilst we will see rain arrive in the east of Northern Ireland this afternoon, maybe into the western fringes of Scotland, much of Scotland dry.

“Sunnier conditions the further east you are, 16C, 17C possible across the Grampians and also the Highlands.

“This is where the winds will be lighter so it will feel very pleasant when the sun is on your back.

“Still a bit of a keen breeze down those North Sea coasts for a time, but that will ease through tonight and in doing so across some eastern counties of England, could be some mist and fog around to take us into tomorrow morning.”

For the rest of Monday’s forecast and into Tuesday, the BBC weather host said: “Further rain and drizzle not out of the question for Northern Ireland, other parts of western Wales, Devon and Cornwall.

“Keeping temperatures at around 11C to 13C, away from that though the mist and fog clears, some good sunny spells and a degree or so higher than today as far as temperatures are concerned.

“It could be even higher still into Tuesday, bright but fresh start for Scotland and England, clouding over from the west, parts of Wales, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland in particular prone to some outbreaks of fairly showery rain.”

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