BBC Weather: Spain and Portugal to SUFFER from STORMS despite soaring heat across Europe

A low-pressure weather system sitting over eastern Spain and Portugal will continue to unleash stormy conditions before heading over to Italy as the week progresses. In the ’s Europe weather forecaster, meteorologist Chris Fawkes said: “We have got some big contrasts weather-wise in Europe at the moment. Very warm weather for much of central and western Europe and parts of Scandinavia thanks to high pressure and sunshine.

“But further southwards we have got an area of cloud – a low-pressure system that continues to bring wet and fairly windy weather into eastern Spain.

“So, the weather is quite cool really for the time of year.”

The BBC forecaster said heavy and thundery showers will be blown in across parts of Italy through Monday.

He said: “At the same time the wet weather we have seen over recent days is moving away from western and central Turkey.

“So, the weather is becoming drier and sunnier and a bit milder as well.”

Mr Fawkes then warned the heavy rain will continue to strike parts of eastern Spain as another weather front pushes in from across the Atlantic and threatens further rainfall on Monday across the eastern coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Highlighting on the contrast in weather conditions, the BBC Weather forecaster added: “Warm sunshine to the north of this. 26C is the top temperature in Paris.

“25C in and generally the high teens for southern parts of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

“The winds pick up a little bit on Tuesday across Scandinavia. But nevertheless, the weather stays fine and settled and relatively warm for the time of year.

“Temperatures easing back a little bit in Paris with highs of 24C.

“But it will really change quite markedly later int he week as the weather turns unsettled.

“Cloudy with the threat of rain or thundery showers and turning much cooler as well.

“Further east in Moscow the weather is getting sunnier and warmer. Temperatures up to 22C here.”

In the meantime, northern Europe is set to face an unusually warm Eastern weekend, with temperatures in Britain set to soar to 27C.

The forecast the Easter Heatwave to continue into Monday, with temperatures to rise again to highs of 27 degrees Celsius by the afternoon.

The scorching temperatures have been felt across the country and there is a possibility the latest heat rise will break records.

The Met Office’s weather forecaster Sophie Yeomans explained: “Many of us staying with the fine clear blue skies and sunshine through the rest of the weekend.

“Perhaps just a little bit of cloud and rain in the northwest.

“The reason for that cloud and rain is we have got some weather fronts just skirting northwestern parts of the UK as we head through the rest of the weekend.

“Elsewhere though plenty of blue clear skies and sunshine and staying with those really warm temperatures throughout as temperature will be rising day on day.”

The Met Office meteorologist indicated the warm weather will continue into next week, adding: “We could see some record-breaking temperatures by the time we get to Sunday and Monday.

“The rest of the weekend we are looking at clear blue skies and temperatures will be peaking at 27 degrees Celsius.”

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