Controversial, but care reforms are a must - EXPRESS COMMENT

The former deputy prime minister Damian Green has drawn up radical plans in which he makes clear that he believes care should be financed much like the state pension with the Government providing a "decent standard" of care - anyone wanting more will have to pay. This is a commendable goal but the proposals are likely to spark controversy. Financing the scheme would mean over-50s could be contributing around £300 extra a year through a one per cent increase in national insurance, or alternatively, the winter fuel allowance would be taxed.

Understandably, the over-50s will feel that they have paid more than enough tax during their working lives - but it is also essential that we see an improvement in social care.

Green's study for the Centre for Policy Studies is likely to significantly shape Tory thinking on the subject when it finally publishes a Green Paper which was originally promised in the summer of 2017 but which has been delayed countless times.

It was Green who commissioned the paper when he was First Secretary of State and he describes it "as one of the most pressing issues our country currently faces". He is not wrong and it is to his credit that he has come up with concrete proposals to tackle this most urgent problem.

Terrible toll of obesity

An 18-year study of almost three million people in Britain has revealed the terrible impact that being overweight has on health. It's not just a problem for adults, but children too. Severely obese grown-ups are 12 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes and more than a quarter of adults, 26 per cent, now fall into the obese category.

A separate study found that heavier children were 67 per cent more likely to develop kidney cancer. Such exhaustive studies should be a chilling warning to us all.We cannot continue to put off losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle until tomorrow.We need to act today.

Winners every one

Watching the London Marathon has become a national pastime - Prince Harry turned out yesterday even though the Royal baby could arrive at any moment. Good for him.

It is one of those events where it is not about the winners - it's about the also-rans (or the also-walked, as it was at the back of the field). They are the ordinary people who puff and wheeze their way around the 26-mile course, raising millions for charity, roared on by friends and family who make this such a spectacular event. It is the only sporting occasion where the losers are really the winners.

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