Cystic Fibrosis: Justice demands action now over wonder drugs - EXPRESS COMMENT

The moral case for ensuring that treatments such as Orkambi are available on the NHS is overwhelming. But families have watched in dismay as talks with pharmaceutical giant Vertex have failed to deliver this breakthrough. People of compassion and conviction have now successfully used their democratic clout to press for action.

More than 100,000 citizens have signed a petition to demand that the drugs become available.This means the issue is now on course to be debated in Parliament.

MPs from all parties should heed the example of voters who understand the critical importance of securing these treatments free at the point of need.

They should use their influence to end a fiasco.

Decision-makers in Whitehall, the NHS and Vertex should look at the pictures of the brave children pinning their hopes on winning access to these drugs.

Only someone with a heart of coldest stone could fail to be moved.

The prevarication must stop so lifesaving treatments can begin.

Gutless trolls are sick

Peter Shilton is the definition of a sporting hero, having played more games for England than anyone in footballing history.

As a goalkeeper this sporting legend displayed chivalry and courage that made a country proud.

But now he has experienced the cowardly abuse that is poisoning our politics.

The 69-year-old's wife, Steffi, has been attacked by a "troll" because of his pro-Brexit opinions.

She received foul text messages which Shilton has accurately condemned as "disgraceful, gutless behaviour".

He is right to threaten to go to the police.

Venomous individuals who engage in such harassment should drop their pathetic campaigns of intimidation if they do not want to face the full force of the law.

They died for democracy

A beautiful letter sent by a Second World War RAF pilot to his beloved wife is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought with valour to preserve our democracy.

Flying Officer Walter "Dan" Donovan died aged 26, leaving behind his cherished Ada. In his final letter, he wrote: "I can't think of anything else to say except that I love you."

A simple yet fierce love of family and country compelled such men to risk their lives in pursuit of the freedom we enjoy today.We honour their sacrifice by never taking this liberty for granted.

All of us have inherited a splendid democracy won at humbling cost.We can survive any storm if we live by their values.

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