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With no sign of Theresa May putting forward a Brexit withdrawal agreement MPs will agree on, the UK is in danger of having to take part in the European elections, which take place on May 23. With a new Brexit date set for October 31, the UK will have to take part in the vote unless MPs agree on a deal before the day of the elections. With Britain’s exit from the EU imminent, many will be deciding who to vote for in the EU elections 2019.

Britons can head to the polls on May 23 to vote for the party and MEPs they wish to represent the UK in the European Parliament.

With new parties out in full force on the campaign trail on Tuesday, seizing on the Brexit uncertainty, is asking you who you will vote for on May 23.

Brexit Party

Nigel Farage has launched another slate of Brexit Party candidates, including Claire Fox, a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

And Mr Farage’s grassroots rebellion party were offered another boost when lifelong Conservative Ann Widdecombe made a sensational return to frontline politics as a Brexit Party candidate.

Mr Farage was in Westminster on Tuesday where he vowed to target Labour heartlands with his new Brexit Party.

His party’s candidates include Ms Fox, James Glancy, a Royal Marine veteran, former charity boss Matthew Patten, former nurse Christina Jordan and smoked salmon producer Lance Foreman.

Change UK

The Remainer party, formerly known as the Independent Group, launched their election campaign in Bristol on Tuesday where they are fighting to “stop Brexit”.

Heidi Allen, interim leader, said 3,700 people had offered to stand for Change UK, describing the candidates as from "every corner of the UK" and from "all walks of life".

She said: ”We are here to say we stand ready.

"These elections are a chance to send the clearest possible message - we demand a People's Vote and the right to campaign to remain in the European Union.

"We are not afraid to say it as clearly as that. This is no rebel alliance - this is the home of the remain alliance."

She was joined on stage by the party's MPs and other candidates including former BBC Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler and Boris Johnson’s sister, Rachel Johnson.


The Tories are expecting a battering from Mr Farage’s Brexit Party, but haven’t yet announced candidates as Prime Minister Theresa May works towards agreeing a Brexit deal to avoid the EU elections altogether. 

Green Party

Caroline Lucas’ party candidates will also fight to stop Brexit.

It’s message to voters reads: “ The Green Party are the largest UK party in the European Parliament supporting staying in the EU in the European Parliament.

“We are the only party taking the climate crisis seriously.”


Andrew Adonis, former minister, caused controversy when he announced he was standing for Labour as the second choice for the South West region.

The arch Remainer peer is calling for Brexit to be cancelled saying it “can and should be stopped” - which is directly against Jeremy Corbyn’s official line.

Meanwhile, CEO of second referendum campaign group Best for Britain Eloise Todd has also been selected to run for Labour.

She is running second on the list for Labour in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Lib Dems

Vince Cable’s have launched their election camaopign where they vow to fight them as an “unapologetically pro-European Party campaigning hard for People's Vote with an option to remain in the the EU”.

Mr Cable said: “We will fight these elections on a clear message: a Liberal Democrat vote is a vote to stop Brexit.”


The party’s leader Gerard Batten is thought to be almost guaranteed to re-win his seat in London.

The divisive leader said the party's mantra would be one of "unilateral withdrawal" from the EU and "no surrender".

However, they face competition from ex-leader Nigel Farage and his Brexit party.

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