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Health Secretary Matt Hancock knows that if his time in the job is to be judged a success, he will have to tackle one of the biggest killers in Britain - and that won't happen by handing out more pills. Our sedentary lifestyles are simply deadly. We are 20 per cent less active than in the 1960s and this makes it more likely that we will suffer heart disease, strokes, some cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

Rather than worry about the future we can decide to change the way we live today.

Merseyside GP Dr Simon Tobin prefers to invite patients to join him on a run in the park instead of dishing out drugs and he has seen people end up "healthier, happier and on fewer medications".

He says his own life has been changed through taking part in the "Parkrun" and people with anxiety and depression have also made breakthroughs.

A regular brisk walk or a gentle jog will bring us relaxation and contentment - and it might just save our lives.

Pope defends gay people

Comedian Stephen Kamos was moved to tears after the Pope told him that anyone who discards gay people "doesn't have a human heart". The Pope did not rip up Catholic teaching when he met Mr Amos and other celebrities who took part in a pilgrimage to Rome.

But when the comedian told the Pontiff that he did not feel accepted "as a gay man", the Pope said: "It does not matter who you are, or how you live your life - you do not lose your dignity."

This is a powerful message when divisions threaten to rip apart societies. The ancient challenge to love our neighbours instead of judging them is more urgent than ever.

Model Maundy majesty

Her Majesty The Queen dazzled in a buttercup-yellow coat yesterday when she attended the Royal Maundy Easter service with Princess Eugenie. In every sense, she is a radiant monarch.

The royal service dates back to 1210 and centres on Christ's call for his disciples to love one another.

In keeping with tradition, the Queen gave "Maundy money" to pensioners.

The sincerity of the Queen's faith is beyond question and it has provided her with inspiration throughout her reign.

Similarly, she has kept faith with this country and continues to inspire us as she models leadership defined by charity and compassion, bringing the brightest of colours to our national life.

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