It's time for Corbyn to put nation before party - EXPRESS COMMENT

If he has any integrity, he will put the good of the nation before party advantage and thrash out a deal that will honour the result of the historic 2016 referendum. If he is a man of decency and courage he will stop sniping from the sidelines and work for the unity of Parliament and the nation. There is hunger across Britain for the country to leave the European Union and for this era of political paralysis to end.

Millions of citizens have watched the daily turmoil in Westminster with dismay. MPs belonging to different parties and factions have refused to abide by the clear instructions of the British people and have instead engineered shameful chaos.

The challenge for Mrs May and Mr Corbyn is to lift our democracy out of this quagmire.

They must prove they are true leaders who can cut the cord with Brussels and free the UK to move on.

Every hour highly-paid MPs spend arguing about how Britain should leave the EU is time not spent on other urgent challenges.

We need to bring the Brexit wars to an end so our Government can focus on vital tasks, such as ending the scourge of knife crime, guaranteeing that patients have access to the medicines they need and ensuring that all hard-working families can aspire to own a home of their own.

Before that can happen, MPs and their leaders must display a new commitment to the common good.

The squabbling must stop. The attempts to cancel Brexit or dilute it beyond recognition must end, and Mrs May and Mr Corbyn must get to work without delay.

It is deeply regrettable that the Prime Minister will have to ask the EU to delay Brexit yet again.

But there is still a chance that Westminster can pass the necessary legislation before May 22 so we will not have to elect another raft of MEPs.

Brexiteers who wanted the cleanest possible break with Brussels and refused to back Mrs May's deal will be riled at the sight of a controversial Labour leader now getting to shape Britain's future.

But Mr Corbyn may pay a painful political price if by helping deliver Brexit he horrifies Remainers in his own ranks.

Selfish political calculations should be set aside. MPs on all sides of the House need to prove that our democracy is not broken and instead unite to bring Britain's membership of the EU to a swift and overdue conclusion.

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