Macron on BRINK: President’s place in Brussels HANGS BY THREAD amid EU election UPRISING

Jordan Bardella, who heads Ms Le Pen’s National Rally party, said the May elections must be used in their favour to drive out Mr Macron and his crippling austerity policies that triggered the Yellow Vest movement and the subsequent destruction of France. He said the European elections are less about the future of Europe and more about French domestic politics, adding he wants to make the ballot next month a referendum for or against Mr Macron. Mr Bardella told Le Parisian: “I think it must be a referendum on the policy led by Macron. "If the French are satisfied with the policies of Emmanuel Macron, vote for the list of Republique en Marche.”

In a scathing attack on the bloc, he also said the election “is a major stake for Europe at a time when the European Union is incapable of protecting the French”.

He said more French voices are shouting “we want to be heard, we want to be respected and we want to regain power”.

Mr Bardella’s words are echoed by French MP Christian Jacob, who said simply that France needs “new elections”.

He then attacked Mr Macron saying he lost the "confidence" and "the respect of the French".

Mr Jacobs, head of the Les Republicains, said: “In truth, the contract which binds him to the French, that of his election, is torn apart. It is no longer a debate what the country needs, but a new election.”

He added: “Why elections? Simply because in a democracy, an election is the only way to ensure the legitimacy of a government.

“They have chosen another path, clever and winding. The path of permanent deliberation to confuse, breathe, gain time and try to span European elections.

“The one who aspired to transform the country, has succeeded doing the unthinkable: placing the country in a pre-insurrectional state.”

The comments come after Mr Macron lost 17 more aides on Monday, leaving him with just 36 advisors remaining.

The came after complaints of 2am text messages with calls immediately afterwards should he not get a reply within minutes.

He has also been mocked for colour-coding his notes and interfering in matters that could be handled by staff without the need for an intervention.

Reports surfaced tis morning that he sacked staff for failing to alert him about France’s Yellow Vest uprising.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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