The knife crisis will still be here after Easter – EXPRESS COMMENT

But while the Easter bank holiday weekend is a particular risk because of school closures, all-day drinking and the good weather, we have to remember that this problem is not just limited to a few days in April.

In reality much more still needs to be done to stop the scourge which has become nothing less than a contagious disease in our society.

More steps should also be taken to give the police the confidence to start using stop-and-search powers which will do more than anything to properly reduce the number of knife attacks.

In the end, this is about saving lives and ending the bloodshed.

These attacks have disproportionately hurt the young and robbed families of their children.

Hitting the wrong target

Climate change protesters who have brought transport to a halt in London this week seem to be a self-defeating attention-seeking bunch.

Bringing public transport to a halt by glueing themselves to the Docklands Light Railway was particularly idiotic.

This is some of the cleanest transport in the world and people use it, the Tube and buses to avoid having to pollute the air more with their cars.

There is a conceit about it too.

There is an assumption from these middle-class, well-off protesters that they are the only ones who care about the planet and are concerned about climate change.

It is something everybody is aware of and we are all trying to do our bit with increased recycling, more considerate transport and so on.

Turning one of London's bridges into a sort of yoga, vegetarian burger village is not going to solve anything.

A sign of the times

One of the complaints about Parliament over the past two years has been that MPs don't seem able to follow a simple instruction and take us out of the EU.

Now it seems that actually, this is a problem that affects us all.

It turns out that 62 percent do not know that a red circle with a white horizontal bar in the middle means No Entry, while bus lanes and other signs remain a mystery for many.

But maybe the fact that 54 percent could not understand a "Turn Left" sign shows why Jeremy Corbyn will never represent a majority of people, which is a comfort.

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