BBC Weather: Britain braces for HAIL and THUNDER as low pressure system sweeps Europe

Britain is set for hail and thunderstorms as a low pressure system sweeps across central Europe. There will be some “sunny spells” further south on Saturday, but heavy showers will hit the UK in the afternoon. BBC weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas said: “Quite an unsettled picture, fairly showery, but there still will be some sunny spells to enjoy out there. On Saturday best of the sunshine will be in the south. Where we’ve got an area of cloud which is associated with the weather front, that will bring patchy outbreaks of rain to parts of Scotland initially through the morning.

“Lots of low cloud, mist and murk here. Some of that patchy rain will drift across Northern Ireland and a few spots of rain for northern England too. During the morning there will be a bit of sunshine further south across England and Wales, but by the afternoon there will be more of these heavy showers that will start to bubble up.

“One or two could bring some hail, even the odd rumble of thunder as well. Temperature wise we’re looking at around about 13C or 14C for Scotland and Northern Ireland, cooler here compared to recent days. But we could see 19C or so in the sunny spells further south.

“Now heading through Saturday night and overnight into Sunday, we keep quite a bit of cloud around in general, particularly the further north you are with some patchy rain again in the north-west.

“Further south some clear skies, but it will be a frost free start to the Sunday morning with those temperatures generally holding in mid-single figures.”

For the rest of Sunday, the BBC weather host added: “Now moving through the day on Sunday, what we’ve got is a big area of low pressure across central Europe, our winds rotating around that but not particularly windy conditions, and that means things aren’t going to be changing in a hurry.

“Now during the day on Sunday many of us start on a dry note, but again there is quite a bit of cloud around.

“Sunshine breaking through that cloud through the morning, but by the afternoon there will again be some of these showers dotted around, particularly down the spine of the country.

“We could see 20C also down towards the south-east, if you can dodge those showers that will feel quite pleasant. Typically in the mid-teens further north.

“Then as we head through into the new working week we keep that low pressure across central Europe, pretty unsettled for southern France and Italy for instance.

“For the UK though Monday brings us another largely dry day, but by the afternoon with that daytime heating there will be more showers bubbling up, particularly eastern England and eastern Scotland through the day on Monday.

“Temperature wise between 14C to 20C, not bad for the time of year, and as we look through the week ahead most of those showers should fade away.

“So a relatively dry settled spell of weather, sunny spells for most of us and temperatures around 15C to 20C.”

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