BBC Weather: Europe BASKS in 'exceptionally hot' conditions as temperatures ROCKET to 40C

BBC Weather: Europe BASKS in 'exceptionally hot' conditions as temperatures ROCKET to 40C

Europe is set to bask in sunshine this weekend, with “exceptionally hot” temperatures of up to 40C hitting the eastern Mediterranean. The heatwave will be “short-lived” however, with conditions turning cooler and more unsettled for parts of the continent next week. BBC weather presenter Stav Danaos said: “We’ve got high pressure building in across the western side of Europe as we head through this weekend. So temperatures on the rise for Spain, Portugal, France, the low countries, and briefly for the British Isles before things turn cooler and more unsettled into next week.

“This swirl of cloud shows further showers and thunderstorms across the east and south east of Europe, again those could be quite heavy to end the week.

“And it’s looking quite windy with further outbreaks of rain, quite a bit of cloud across Scandinavia but further west lots of sunshine.

“It’s been exceptionally hot across the eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus, temperatures 40C in Nicosia on Thursday. It’s looking a bit cooler on Friday but still very hot.

“Further west we’ve got lots of sunshine for Spain, Portugal, and increasing amounts for France as high pressure begins to build in. But still more cloud though for northern Germany, Denmark, to parts of Scandinavia.

“But the sunshine becomes more widespread across France, the low countries, into Germany and across the Alps.

“Some of that heat getting into the south east of England as well, temperature 26C or 27C on Saturday, 30C for Paris.”

The BBC weather host continued: “The heat is fairly short-lived though, turns cooler and more unsettled into next week with increasing amounts of showers.

“Hot and sunny for Madrid and also warming up in Rome, it looks like it’s going to calm down a bit across eastern areas into the weekend.

“But it stays dry, sunny and warm in Athens.”

Meanwhile for the UK, hot weather will sweep in overnight on Thursday and will last for the whole weekend, pushing away a band of wet and windy weather battering Northern Ireland and Scotland since Monday.

BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said temperatures could reach up to 27C for many in the south-eastern corner of the country and will range between 15C to 19C even in the breezier northern areas.

She said: “Friday into Saturday we still have a weather front across us but on Saturday, it’s going to be a fairly weak affair.

“It will still produce some rain though for some parts of England, especially in the north-west of England.

“Either side of it, apart from the odd shower, drier and brighter with some sunshine.

“And Saturday we could hit 26C to 27C in the south-eastern corner. 14C to 17C and maybe 19C in Newcastle.”

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