BBC Weather forecast: Europe split in half between THUNDERSTORMS and 28C heatwave

Low pressure in central and eastern European countries continues to batter residents with heavy thunderstorms and risk of flooding while high pressure in the west brings plenty of sunshine and skyrocketing temperatures to Spain and Portugal. BBC forecaster Stav Danaos also warned a heatwave in the south-east of the Mediterranean has been caused by dust and hot temperatures driving north from Africa. 

He said: “Low pressure across central-eastern Europe has brought plenty of rain, we’ve seen flooding downpours across parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“It’s still there in the last 24 hours spiralling away bringing more thunderstorms and showers to the eastern side of Europe and down towards the Balkans.

“Further west though it’s a dry story, that’s because we’ve got higher pressure here.

“So lots of sunshine and feeling quite warm in parts of Spain and Portugal.”

Mr Danaos added: “Across the eastern side of the Mediterranean we’ve had a heatwave moving out of the northeast of Africa with some dust in the atmosphere bringing very high temperatures here, 28C or so in Nicosia on Thursday.”

In the UK, temperatures will reach up to 23C on Thursday and Friday, before plummeting to 11C on Bank Holiday weekend. 

The Met Office wanted that, while some areas may experience sunny skies, much of the country will be swept up in heavy showers.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern explained: “On Friday it will be cloudier further west and that cloud will tend to drift in from the west. A cloudier day for Wales, parts of Cornwall and Devon, and the cloud giving a few showers.

“As we head into Friday afternoon this will hit Wales, the Midlands, central southern England and parts of Devon.

“And for Northern Ireland, we’ll see cloudy skies - one or two showers in the north of Scotland, the weather tending to be largely dry but there’s still some rain around.

“Southern Scotland into northern and eastern England - that’s where the best of the sunshine will be.

“And that’s where the highest temperatures will be - the high teens, 20, 21 degrees Celsius.

“Temperatures slowly tailing off over the next couple of days. Pleasant enough in the sunshine, still feeling cold in the wind in the far north.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office website forecast: “Showers or perhaps longer spells of rain are likely on Bank Holiday Monday in some areas, along with blustery winds at times.

“The rain is more likely in the north, but still there is a chance of the odd shower in the south, amongst some sunny spells.

“Temperatures are likely to be near the seasonal average for many but cool in any rain.

“It is most likely to be driest in the southeast, where it will be warm in some places.

“The changeable and rather cool weather is likely to continue through the following week.

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