BBC Weather: Temperatures take a NOSEDIVE as wintry showers STRIKE ahead of Bank Holiday

BBC Weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas explained the chilling temperatures the UK would be facing in the bank holiday weekend. She forecasted a nosedive in temperatures the UK is faced with hill snow and wintry showers Saturday and Sunday. She began by saying: “There are some showers this morning particularly around the east coast of England and some wintry showers across central and northern Scotland.

“Further west though you have got clearer skies and are more likely to stay dry through the course of the day what you will notice however is the strength of the wind.

“Gusts will be around 45 and even 50 mph particularly around the east coast of Scotland and eastern England as well.

“Further west not quite as windy but still fairly breezy, plenty of scattered showers and some of those showers for central and eastern parts will bring a little bit of hail perhaps the odd rumble of Thunder.

“For the southwest of England, Wales and Northern Ireland it should be dry through the day, temperatures ranging between nine and 14 degrees Celsius.”

Into Saturday evening and Sunday morning the weather presenter explained that the showers will likely ease away with one or two of them continuing overnight in the east.

She added Scotland and Northern Ireland will have a significant amount of cloud moving in overnight as well.

For the rest of the country, under clear skies, it will feel significantly colder.

The Met Office also forecasted that first thing Sunday there will be a “widespread first that is expected to develop overnight.

They explained that Scotland would see the lowest of temperatures at -4 degrees Celsius, Northern Ireland and northern England at -3 degrees Celsius and England just slightly above zero.

The BBC forecaster continued: “There will be a touch of grass frost in a few prone spots first thing Sunday morning.

“We have got an area of high pressure that is building through the day tomorrow so that will mean fewer showers than there are today.

“Also the winds won’t be quite as strong, still quite breezy in the east and you could catch a few isolated showers down towards East Anglia.

“A bit more cloud will bring some rain and hill snow across parts of Scotland but elsewhere a lot of dry weather.”

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