‘I’ve HAD ENOUGH!’ Furious Nigel Farage TEARS INTO Theresa May for Brexit ‘SURRENDER’

During a booming rally in Durham, Mr Farage took swipe after swipe at the embattled Prime Minister, whose Tory Party is currently haemorrhaging supporters who flock to the Brexit Party due to Mrs May’s handling of the UK’s departure of the bloc. Taking the stage, he blasted Mrs May as a “dishonest, duplicitous and utterly useless Prime Minister”, before taking aim at the withdrawal agreement she failed on three occasions to scrape through Parliament in a series of embarrassing meaningful votes. Mr Farage called her agreement “a surrender document of a nation that has been defeated in war”.

He also referred to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, replaced with Philip Hammond by Mrs May, as a “ghastly individual” before listing the “lies” told by camp Remain in the run-up to the June 2016 referendum.

He said: George Osborne… ghastly individual… telling us taxes would go up, interest rates would rise, we’d all lose our jobs, we even had a very anti-British President of the United States of America Obama telling us we’d go to the back of the queue.

“We had every single threat put upon us. I think I remember us once being told ‘if you voted Leave plagues of black locusts would descend’.”

Referring to the moment he found out Britain had voted to leave the EU, he said “I thought we had won”.

He then blasted Mrs May for “humiliating our country on every international stage and I’ve had enough of it”.

Mr Farage has previously called on Express.co.uk readers to back his Brexit Party in their droves and turn their backs on mainstream parties at this month’s European elections.

An Express.co.uk poll found a massive 86 percent of online respondents planned to vote for Mr Farage’s new party on May 23 as the scale of the backlash against Labour and the Conservatives became clear.

According to our results, the number of people who said they would vote Tory this time round was so small it registered as a humiliating 0 percent.

Labour fared little better with just 1 percent saying they would back Jeremy Corbyn’s party at the ballot box.

Todays’ rally comes after Mrs May lost the support of one of the Tory party’s most prominent financial backers to Mr Farage’s Brexit Party following her failure to leave the EU on time.

Jeremy Hosking, who is an investor in the Flyby airline, has started funding the new political party after feeling “fooled” by the Prime Minister’s failure to deliver on the 2016 referendum result.

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