Let's hope for a Euro deal to boost Britain, EXPRESS COMMENT

But the prospect of a deal this week is extremely positive and we should welcome anything that delivers Brexit.

As ever, the Prime Minister has shown resilience and leadership, while Jeremy Corbyn has finally been forced to face up to his duplicity on the issue.

That said, voters will expect the Conservatives and Labour to thrash out an agreement that delivers Brexit properly.

A fudge will only lead to more punishment at the polls for the two main parties.

We know Mrs May understands the need for Britain to be free of Brussels rule and have its own independent trade policy and ability to have free trade deals with the rest of the world.

The Labour leadership needs to accept that this is a bottom line.

If they do, Britain can at last move forward for the bene t of all.

We have also seen that once one part of the UK bans something, the rest often falls into line.

The awkward truth is that children sometimes need to understand when they have done something wrong and crossed the line.

A light smack helps give that message.

So, please, let’s not turn loving parents into criminals.

Line Of Duty proves arresting viewing

Millions of people across the country will tyne in to watch the keenly awaited finale of Line Of Duty tonight.

The BBC’s long-running police drama series is a rare example of a show that captivates different generations of viewers.

Why is it that a programme which points to unprecedented corruption deep within the British establishment has struck such a chord with viewers?

Its popularity suggests that many people find it utterly plausible that figures in positions of power will betray those whom they are supposed to serve.

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