‘Russia knows what war is!’ Putin vows to expand Armed Forces in Victory Day speech

President Putin announced in a speech at the Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square that he intends to build his eye-watering military and adopt the world’s most powerful weaponry, Tass News Agency confirmed. He said: “We did and will continue doing all that is necessary to ensure the high defence capability of our Armed Forces, the defence potential of the most advanced weapons and to further strengthen the prestige of the military service, the prestige of soldiers and officers and Fatherland defenders. “At the same time, Russia is open for cooperation with all those who are ready to practically counter terrorism, neo-Nazism and extremism.”

He also spoke of the importance of lessons learned from World War 2.

He said: “We are urging all the countries to grow aware of our common responsibility for creating an effective security system equal for all.”

He also said the Russian people “knows what a war is”, and made reference to the conflict in which saw 85million people killed.

He added: “Our military parades, the salvoes of fireworks and columns of the Immortal Regiment are precisely in their honor. The Victory Day always brings closer and unites all the generations, opens the hearts towards each other.

“We are proud of our unity and are glad that children and grandchildren are together with us and that we can pass on to them the sacred memory about the heroic deeds of our fathers and grandfathers.

“And we can be confident that their feat, their victories will live forever. Glory to the Victor-People! I congratulate you with Victory Day!”

President Putin’s remarks come after a whale was spotted wearing a harness near the Norwegian village of Inga.

The animal was wearing strapping which appears to be for carrying a weapon or camera, sparking suspicions it has been trained by Russia to spy.

The mammal’s behaviour also raised eyebrows as it repeatedly approached the vessels and was very tame.

Marine experts fear the animal has been given military-grade training by Russia’s navy for underwater operations.

Audun Rikardsen, a professor from the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), added: “We know that in Russia they have had domestic whales in captivity and also that some of these have apparently been released. Then they often seek out boats.”

Mr Rikardsen said he had been in touch with Russian researchers who denied the whale was connected to them.

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