Russia plane crash: Fury as passengers delay escape by grabbing SUITCASES

Up to 41 people died when the plane made an emergency landing at Moscow’s main international airport yesterday, with those lucky enough to have lived blasting the actions of passengers who delayed others getting off so they could get their luggage off. Video footage was captured showing passengers escaping with their bags as the stricken Sukhoi Superjet landed at Sheremetyevo airport while on fire in horrific footage. One social media user said: “We don't yet know for sure but protocol and decency commands you to get your a$$ off the plane without taking your suitcase from an overhead bin.

“I know that in Russia it's just "in theory", especially in Moscow and most ppl just care about their own affairs.”

Another added: “I honestly, truly, REALLY hope that the Russian Government takes legal action against each and every SELFISH passenger, THAT CHOSE TO SAVE LUGGAGE, INSTEAD OF ALLOWING OTHER PEOPLE TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. YOUR LUGGAGE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN OTHER HUMAN BEING LIVES?!?!”

In different footage, the plane can be seen landing whole on fire as the aircraft makes a crash landing.

The airport had to be closed while police and emergency services swarmed the runway.

Criminal investigators are examining the cause of the crash.

There were reports that an electrical fault had caused the inferno after takeoff.

But other reports said the plane had suffered “communications problems” and the fire engulfed the Sukhoi as it returned to Moscow to land.

Crew said the plane had also been hit by lightening, though this has not yet been proved.

A passenger called Mikkentosh posted on Twitter: “Guys I am all right, I am alive and in one piece.

“I managed to jump out.

“This was the 17.50 Moscow to Murmansk flight, see the rest in the news.

“Definitely not everyone managed to escape, huge condolences to families and friends.”

The chief pilot was named as Denis Evdokimov, the co-pilot - Maxim Kuznetsov.

Flight attendants were Tatiana Kasatkina, Maxim Moiseev, Ksenia Vogel.

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