Shameless! May demands MPs hand out election leaflets blaming THEMSELVES for Brexit chaos

The leaflet, sent out from the Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) in Westminster, is urging people to demand their local MPs support 's controversial deal in order to avoid taking part in the European elections on May 23. The CCHQ document titled “How to show you want a deal delivered as soon as possible”, insists that the can still be “stopped” if “a majority of Members of Parliament back a deal in time”. The document, which has been seen by the Telegraph, directs voters to a website “” where people can “find out if your Member of Parliament has backed the Brexit deal yet”.

The website also urges local residents to “write to your MP to tell them to back a Brexit deal” adding: “Check how your MP voted on the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament here.”

The site continued: “The only way to prevent the EU elections is to tell your MP to vote for the deal. Fill in your postcode to make sure your MP is with you.”

In the document, Mrs May issues a desperate plea to the Tory party urging them to back her deal so it can be passed through Parliament, insisting she “needs the support of more than half of all MPs”.

The leaflet then reads: “How can these elections be stopped?

“If a majority of Members of Parliament back a deal in time, we could cancel the elections and get on with leaving the European Union - and all the other important issues facing our country.”

It continues: “Which MPs are preventing the deal from being done? Almost 90 percent of Conservative MPs have voted to support a deal, plus 5 Labour MPs and 4 Independents - but that is not enough for a majority in the House of Commons.

“For a deal to pass it needs the support of more than half of all MPs.

“How can I tell my political representatives to get on with it? If the European elections take place on 23 May, the only party which supports leaving the EU with a deal as soon as possible is the Conservative Party.”

The document also includes a quote from Mrs May saying: “At this critical moment for our country, parties should not be playing politics - or acting for their own personal gain.

“We need to come together, stay the course, and deliver Brexit in the national interest.”

Priti Patel, the former International Development secretary lashed out at the leaflet, saying the Tories have reached a “new low”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said: The Conservative Party has reached a new low when it is campaigning against its own Members of Parliament. It is totally unbelievable.”

One Government source added: “MPs who have three times walked through the division lobbies with Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP to stop Brexit should perhaps think hard about what they are doing to deliver on the referendum result.”

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