UK weather forecast: Britain faces ‘DISAPPOINTING’ wet end to May as SHOWERS batter nation

The UK can expect persistent showers across the country on Bank Holiday Monday and later on through the week. Met Office Meteorologist Craig Snell explained that temperatures would remain in the teens despite the wet weather across the UK. He said: “Far southeast of England starting off dry before the showers work their way eastwards during the end of the morning.

“Going into the afternoon a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers for many parts of England and Wales.

“Perhaps turning a little bit dry as we move into the southwest as we go into Monday afternoon.

“A fairly decent afternoon to come here where Northern Ireland rather cloudy and wet afternoon to come here making it quite disappointing for the end of May”

Temperatures for many of the UK will be reaching 14 to 17 degrees Celsius but London and areas to the south of England could see 20 degrees in the sunnier moments.

As we end Bank Holiday Monday we the Met Office have forecasted further showers across many parts of the UK.

Mr Snell closed by saying: “Showers will become a bit fewer and further between as we go through the course of the night into Tuesday.

“We could continue to see more persistent rain for a time across eastern Scotland, however.

“Overall for most of us not as mild as overnight for the weekend but certainly not a cold one as many of us will see temperatures just fall into single figures if you are away from towns and cities.

BBC Weather presenter Simon King added that the showers would continue going into Tuesday morning making for a wet and cloudy day.

He said: “Through Monday night and Tuesday morning we will continue with showers moving their way to the southeast.

“That rain will continue in southeast Scotland, northeast England, and overnight temperatures down to about 6-10 degrees Celsius.

“Throughout Tuesday there will be further showers particularly across the eastern half of the UK.

“Elsewhere it could be drier and brighter and be feel still quite cool.”

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