UK weather forecast: Showers and THUNDERSTORMS to batter Britain warns Met Office

It will be a fairly cloudy start to the day for most of the UK, however temperatures will remain mild. Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said there will be “mist and murk” across the east coast of England in the morning. However, Scotland will experience rain from the offset leftover from yesterday’s barrage of showers.

Mr Partridge said: “As we move further south, it will be cloudy across Northern Ireland and much of northern England with mist and murk across the North Sea coast.

“Further inland though, there will be more brightness and sunny spells across southeast England to start with.”

Those heading out for the Great Manchester Run will experience mostly dry weather with some light wind and mild temperatures of 12C.

For the remainder of the day, the cloud shrouding most of the UK will begin to break up.

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In the afternoon, some parts of the UK will experience brighter spells of sunshine.

However, heavy showers will develop across the centre of the UK with thunderstorms expected in some areas.

Mr Partridge added: “But away from those showers, it is a fine day.

"In the sunshine we could see highs of 20C or 21C by the end of the afternoon.”

In the evening, most of the showers will ease away leaving clear spells for many parts of the country.

But low cloud, mist and fog will edge into eastern coastlines so places like Newcastle may have a murky end to the day.

Monday morning will be another cloudy start with mist in the east but it is likely to turn much brighter throughout the day.

There will be scattered showers and an increased risk of thunderstorms.

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