UK weather forecast: Temperatures DROP as heavy SHOWERS move in for weekend washout

UK temperatures are expected to fall today and despite the sunshine seen across the country clouds will begin to move in today ahead of Friday showers. Met Office meteorologist Aiden McGivern explained the wet weather Britons could expect going into the weekend and the rain that is forecasted for Friday. He said: “Sunny skies greet us as we start Thursday in much of the UK.

“There are subtle differences and a slow change on the way.

“A bit more cloud there for the northern isles and some patchy cloud for the central belt as we start off today.

“But for much of England and Wales clear skies and in the countryside temperatures in the low single figures so a fresh if not chilly start to the day in many places.

“However, widespread sunshine as we open the door in the morning for the vast majority of places.

“One thing is happening through the next couple of days which is that high pressure that has been so influential in our weather this week, it is ebbing away to the north.

“That allows a bit more cloud to build on Thursday and a few showers in western Scotland and western parts of Northern Ireland and those temperatures are falling away because we are picking up more of a cool easterly breeze.

“That will be evident on those north sea coasts, still some warmth in the sunshine though temperatures still reaching the low twenties.

“Into Thursday night going into Friday morning and that high pressure continues to move its way north as you can see the isobars becoming a bit closer together.

“You can also see low pressure from the continent influencing our weather more.

“That means tomorrow we will see an initial spell of rain pushing its way west across parts of England and Wales followed by heavy showers and a lot of cloud cover.

“Compared to recent days it is going to be much more cloud in the sky across England, Wales and southeastern Scotland.

“All in all temperatures will be on their way down and certainly on that north sea coast it will feel quite chilly. with the wind coming in from the east.

BBC Weather also forecasted temperature to drop across Europe as the continent can expect “more unsettled” conditions for Europe as we head into the weekend.

BBC weather presenter Stav Danaos said: “There’s more unsettled weather for the south-east of Europe over the next few days.

“This area of low pressure just circulating there, going to bring further showers and strong winds to Corsica, Sardinia, parts of Italy, Sicily and then in towards Greece again on Thursday.

“Meanwhile the first area of that low-pressure stem is moving northwards, weakening as it does so.

“But it’s going to introduce more cloud and some showers to central and northern parts of the continent to end the week.”

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