BBC Weather: African plume to sweep north to UK as record-breaking 40C heat grips Europe

Weather has claimed temperatures on the continent could nudge towards 40C with London even expected to feel 30C heat this week. BBC Weather forecaster Susan Powell even claimed parts France could see record-breaking temperatures by the “end of the week”. But, before the glorious sunshine grips the continent, the BBC Weather forecaster claimed some parts of Europe, including the UK, Scandinavia and Bucharest were at risk of heavy thunderstorms.

She said: “In terms of the weather across Europe it is all about the heat through the week ahead, and particularly for western Europe where high pressure will start to build and eventually will tap into air all the way from northern Africa, bringing heat all the way up into the UK and Scandinavia.

“We have still got frontal systems grazing into the west currently, some heavy thundery rain out of those as the warm air starts to engage with them. Still some heavy thunderstorms possibly further east as well, with a particular target, it looks like in Romania on Tuesday.

“Sunshine for Cyrus, 40C in Nicosia across much of Greece and Turkey too. Some stray showers, across the Balkans.

“A little cooler across Portugal with the remnants of a frontal system bringing some cloud into the north. Some isolated thunderstorms spreading into the west of France, some for the UK, some heavy thundery rain for Scandinavia. But, just look at those temperatures building across the core of Europe.”

Moving into Wednesday, the BBC Weather forecaster said: “As we increasingly pick up that southernly flow, and the highs holds the cloud and rainfall at bay towards the west, the temperatures will climb.

“Potentially record-breaking heat for the likes of parts of France, by the time we get to the end of the week.”

Looking at the rest of the week, Powell added: “Certainly a lot of sunshine under that high across the western half of Europe, temperatures up to 30C, even as far north as London.

“Further east a lot of sunshine as well and it does look like we will see that rain moving away from Bucharest.”

The BBC Weather chart showed temperatures in Madrid reaching 40C on Friday and Saturday, as well as highs of 39C predicted in Bordeaux on Wednesday.

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor also claimed temperatures would increase throughout the week for Britain.

Mr Taylor said: “The humidity levels will drop a touch as we go through the middle part of the week as this area too high pressure builds in. Later on, we start to tap into warmth across parts of central Europe.

“High pressure to the east, south has southeasterly winds bringing some very hot air from the near continent.

“Temperatures could peak in the low thirties across some southern parts of England and southwest.”

Leading bookmakers have slashed odds to 4-6 on this summer becoming the hottest on record, with scorching temperatures forecast.

Coral’s John Hill said: “Temperatures are set to rise fast this week and that has resulted in the odds on the hottest summer on record melting quicker than an ice cream.

“The scorching temperatures are likely to continue into July, therefore, we have also slashed the odds on next month being a record breaker too.”

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