BBC Weather: 'NASTY' thunderstorms sweeping across Europe to BATTER UK within 48 hours

BBC Weather: 'NASTY' thunderstorms sweeping across Europe to BATTER UK within 48 hours

The BBC warned thunderstorms that have afflicted the continent over the last 24 hours may be heading towards the UK by Friday. BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker explained: “The weather has been very lively across some parts of Europe over the last 24 hours - lots of reports of nasty thunderstorms, large hail, gusty winds, frequent lightning from parts of France to Germany. And also we’ve had storms across the Balkans and eastern areas of Europe.

“And once again on Thursday, we’ll see storms breaking out on Wednesday and Thursday across the same areas.

“You can see splodges of blue - that’s the computer saying there’ll be some big downpours developing.

“These storms are always very hit and miss, so one major city gets it and another misses it completely.

“Across the Mediterranean, the weather is looking fairly quiet.

“But not so great on the Atlantic side around central and northern parts of Portugal, also far northwest of Spain and also quite cool conditions in the UK, some rain there also across parts of Scotland." 

He added: “On Friday, low-pressure is expected to swing into France, the UK as well.

“So the weather is going downhill across this part of the world.

“And the temperature will be below average for the time of year.”

Carol Kirkwood, another BBC Weather forecaster, claimed the “heavy and persistent” system would move in on Thursday and into Friday. The BBC Weather forecaster also warned wind speeds could reach a powerful 50mph with the weather threatening to spark “localised flooding”.

She said: “Tomorrow our rain will be across the north of Scotland. For England, for Wales and for Northern Ireland it is a brighter day with sunshine and some showers.

“But, we have another area of low-pressure coming our way and that is on Friday.

“You can see it’s coming up from the south, it is a more potent area of low-pressure we think at this stage, and it is going to be travelling northwards as we go through the day.”

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