BBC Weather: UK braces for HEAVY RAIN and thunder as Atlantic system sweeps across UK

BBC Weather: UK braces for HEAVY RAIN and thunder as Atlantic system sweeps across UK

BBC Weather forecaster, Carol Kirkwood, said the UK is bracing for heavy showers which will cover much of the country as rain moves in from the Atlantic. She added there would be patches of dry weather in some areas but large areas in northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland will see significant rainfall on Tuesday. Temperatures will also remain relatively low in comparison to the weekend's balmy conditions which saw thermometers nudge towards 28C in the east of England.

The BBC Weather presenter said: “There will be some persistent and heavy rain on the way.

“Some of us will already be seeing that rain that has been courtesy of an area of low pressure from the southwest.

“So it is wet across parts of southwest England, Wales and Northern Ireland with that rain continuing to move northeastwards through today. 

“You can see from the lack of isobars not as windy as yesterday except for across the far north of Scotland.

“So a lot of dry weather to start with and a fair bit of cloud and some of us will see some brightness but then there goes that rain heading northwards and eastwards through the day.

“It will be preceded by some showers but the dry conditions will be across the far north of Scotland including the northern Isles. 

“It is in the south and southeast that we are looking at a fair bit of cloud again there will be some sunshine developing but we are not immune to those showers and some of those will be heavy and thundery.”

There is a high chance of thunder in the biggest rain clouds.

Temperatures will range from 11C to 20C, she said.

The northern parts of Scotland will experience the coldest temperatures whereas the south of the country will see most of the warm, as London is expected to have the highest temperature of 20C. 

Ms Kirkwood closed by saying: “Through Tuesday evening into Wednesday our low pressure continues to drift northwards taking the rain with it.

“The centre of the low pressure is roughly in north England and as that passes we will see some clear skies developing so expect some mist and fog patches forming.”

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