BBC Weather: 'Unusual' scorching heat in Europe to sweep to UK – 'Temperatures to rise'

BBC Weather: 'Unusual' scorching heat in Europe to sweep to UK – 'Temperatures to rise'

Weather has forecaster “unusually high temperatures” to continue to grip much of the continent next week. But, the BBC Weather forecaster Darren Bett, claimed thunderstorms and heavy rain could still threaten some parts of Europe. Moving into next week, BBC Weather claimed conditions in London would improve, as temperatures also rise in Madrid and Paris.

He said: “We have still got some unusually high temperatures even for this time of year across eastern parts of Europe.

“We have seen some storms around as well, a lot of those though will be turning to clearer weather.

“While we have still got some wetter weather, across western parts of Europe, in the next few days temperatures even here are set to rise.

“But, there is still some rain around as we head into the weekend. Some clusters of heavy and potentially thundery downpours, running up from France into the low countries and southern Scandinavia.

“There are still a few showers across eastern parts of Europe, some thunderstorms more widely there in the mountains of Turkey. Probably still dry in Greece.

“Lots of sunshine this time across Italy, even across the north after all of that flooding that we had earlier on.

“Sunny skies are returning to much of Iberia, cloudier weather though as you move into France. Some thunderstorms here, perhaps into the Alps as well. Some wetter weather for northern parts of Germany heading into the south of Scandinavia.”

Moving into Sunday, the BBC Weather forecaster added: “The temperatures are rising again across the Baltic states, after the storms clear away.

“But, there are some more thunderstorms to push their way into eastern Europe into that heat on Sunday, allowing things to dry off that bit further west.”

Looking at the conditions next week, the BBC Weather forecaster said: “It’s then we will start to see those temperatures to rise. Rising temperatures in Madrid.

“It is getting warmer in Paris, even warmer in London and there shouldn’t be too many showers as well.

“Beautiful weather to come in Rome and on the whole, I think we are going to miss most of the rain in Berlin after a brief drop, temperatures will rise again, and it will be getting warmer in Moscow.”

According to the BBC Weather chart, temperatures in Greece could reach 35C in parts of Greece this weekend, and 34C in Budapest as the heatwave hits Europe.

It comes as a heat map of the UK shows temperatures rising next week.

The forecast from Tuesday, June 18 to Thursday, June 27 reads: “After an unsettled and cool first half of June, somewhat drier and more settled weather is likely to develop for many during the second half of the month.

“Although next week may still be rather changeable and showery, it will be warmer than of late with some sunshine and drier interludes.

“Southern areas may become very warm for a time, although with the chance of thundery rain spreading up from the south at times, perhaps affecting central parts, which will preclude any longer spells of dry weather.

“As we head into the final week of June, there are signs that high pressure may dominate, bringing a greater chance of more widely settled and warm weather.”

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