Education website launched offering free revision courses in English and Maths

Education website launched offering free revision courses in English and Maths

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Home tutors can be very expensive (Image: Getty)

It’s exam time again, and in households up and down the country, countless children and their parents will be filled with anxiety during the SATs and GCSE exams that will continue until the end of June. As a father of three school-aged children, my family and I have regularly experienced the stresses that accompany this time of year. Over the past few weeks, I have read countless articles discussing the primary school SATs exams, a debate that never fails to emerge at this time of year. 

Some teachers and pupils feel that they cause an enormous amount of performance pressure, with schools being judged on the results, and the children assessed as they progress to secondary school.

As for GCSEs, we all know how important these results can be for future career opportunities. 

They follow you for life and are expected to be documented on any CV or job application.

So, it is clear why such anxiety exists ahead of the exams, but what can parents and pupils do to help themselves? 

As a parent, I have often felt helpless in my desire to help my children, as techniques taught when I was younger have in many cases changed. 

“My daughter recently asked me to help her with a maths problem and before I had barely started, she told me that they no longer taught maths in that way.

Eddy Chan

Eddy Chan is launching a free website (Image: Annie Armitage)

I was stopped dead in my tracks and I no longer wanted to continue, for fear of confusing her further.

It is a widely reported statistic that one in four children in the UK will at some stage seek external private tuition. 

Indeed, the private tutoring sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in education today, where tutors charge anything between £25 to £100 an hour and upwards, predominantly to help with English and Maths. 

If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a private tutor, how can you be sure they are even qualified enough to teach your child? 

The headmaster at my son’s school recently raised his concerns surrounding private tutoring, saying that only exam anxiety would lead parents to hand their children over to relative strangers, something they would never usually do.


75 percent are unable to pay for private tutors (Image:

He worries that this is an accident waiting to happen, given that tutoring is a wholly unregulated market.

What about the other 75 per cent who are unable to pay for private tutors? 

The costs are simply too high. Polls have frequently shown that parents have foregone a family holiday or have even gone into debt to try and give their children an advantage ahead of their exams. 

The pursuit of exam success can be relentless and is a major reason why there is an enormous gulf developing between pupils from poorer backgrounds and their wealthier peers.

Research has shown that the most popular and effective way pupils revise is by turning to past papers. 

They help prepare examinees mentally by tuning into exam mode and make them accustomed to the types of questions they can expect to encounter, bringing them ‘into the zone’ ready for their exams. 

What free material is currently available online which is past paper specific? Incredibly, very little.

Most material is chargeable, and if it isn’t, it is not presented in a format that children find engaging.

For all these reasons, I have spent the past three years developing and self-funding the creation of a free website, which provides digitally animated individual tutorials to every single maths question on SATs and GCSE past papers dating back to 2014.

Each question has been filmed from the method through to the solution and is hosted by Patricia Warner, a teacher who currently marks exam papers for exam boards. 

 private tutoring

The private tutoring sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in education today (Image: Getty)

English language material is provided by Marian Shepard and Keith Watkins, teachers who have a lifetime’s worth of experience and influence in developing national test material.

I am a firm believer that the future of tuition is online. 

Everything we do in our daily lives is geared towards convenience and efficiency, so why not tuition? Not only does this avoid the uncertainty of engaging unknown tutors, it gives control back to the students, so that they can revise at a time best suited to them, in the comfort of their own home. 

They can do as little or as much as they wish, rewinding or pausing the videos and being able to ask their parents/grandparents for advice. The inconvenience of having to travel back and forth from a tutor’s residence no longer becomes an issue.

Addressing the existing inequalities is something that I am extremely passionate about, and why the website is completely free of charge. 

There are no annoying adverts or requests to sign up and provide personal details in order to gain access to the material. 

The aim is not to replace school coursework, but to compliment it, and to try in some way to help alleviate the stresses and pressures facing parents and pupils; I think we are meeting a real need as 120,000 anxious students have visited the site in the last couple of weeks alone.

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