Kansas City aliens? Orbs hovering over US city spark conspiracy claims - ‘No explanation!’

Up to two white orbs were seen floating over the airport, leaving residents and even the local weather service scratching their heads over what they could be. The National Weather Service wrote on Twitter: “We honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City.” This triggered a flurry of replies, with many of the station’s followers speculating they could be UFOs.

One commenter simply posted a GIF of Will Smith’s character in the sci-fi blockbuster Men in Black.

Another replied sarcastically: “Congratulations, this is the tweet of the day!!! As a prize, you get a GIF of two aliens dancing around!!!”

He added four laughing emojis at the end of the response.

Another strangely joked they were flying smoke alarms due to the size of the hovering lights in the image uploaded by the weather service.

Another suggested it was Looney Tunes’ favourite baddie Wile. E. Coyote up to no good, who in the much-loved cartoons typically gets squashed by an an anvil that hovers over him or suspense.

Another, referring to the possibility the lights are aliens, said: “They’ve finally come to end us all.”

Eventually, it was discovered that the objects were nothing more than balloons.

Local radio station KMBC tweeted: “You can relax now! @DARPA spokesperson tells me given the position, it is likely one of their balloons in test flight.”

DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

In Kansas and Texas, there have been numerous sightings of so-called black triangles.

Locals call them UFOs and claim the large black aircraft with lights at each point have hovered over homes.

Reports have typically been made in remote areas such as densely populated areas and highways, leading US residents to assume objects that appear in the sky are UFOs.

That said, sightings of black triangles have also appeared in the UK.

Examples are in 942 when a woman named Eileen Arnold was walking down Cheltenham high street when she claimed to suddenly experience an altered state of consciousness after seeing one.

In October 1952, two RAF pilots claim they saw three black triangles over Gloucestershire.

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