New eyes on our care homes, EXPRESS COMMENT

New eyes on our care homes, EXPRESS COMMENT

Which is why The applauds plans to increase CCTV in care homes. As well as offering protection from less than scrupulous staff, this measure is also set to save the NHS £370million a year from call-outs. It is supported by key people such as the thoughtful Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock and Jayne Connery, from the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable. Yes, there are privacy issues about CCTV and a worthy debate is taking place. Some care homes have ploughed ahead on their own: others have resisted. But we had those debates before in terms of crime, and few now cavil about CCTV in our streets. Plus, it protects staff from vexatious claims as well as patients - and saves money. Let's get on with it.

Boris Johnson's stealthy game is looking like a winner 

THE Tory leadership race is hotting up this week.

Just six runners remain, whittled down from 13. And is way out ahead: so far that the other candidates have joined forces to avoid the inevitability of a "coronation"-style win.

That's unsurprising. Johnson has campaigned by using his tenure as Mayor of London and has opted for an uncharacteristically low but stealthy profile.

He seems to have the heft to win a potential general election, and by promoting a unified party he assuages the fears of "blue on blue" antagonism that could further lessen public trust in the damaged Tories.

It's true that in this contest Johnson faces heavyweight opposition, notably from Jeremy Hunt, his closest rival, whose technocratic approach offers a strong sense of security.

But Johnson's public recognition, optimism and message of an uncomplicated Brexit will continue to resonate this week.

Dogs'll be there for you 

IT'S been a while since Jennifer Aniston was in the sitcom Friends.

But the actress has realised who her true friends are - her dogs. "I have some great human friends of course but my dog friends are very special," she said.

We agree with Jennifer. The unconditional relationship that dogs have with their humans is one of the most miraculous on Earth.They are faithful, fun and as it turns out, good for fitness and mental health.

And for Jennifer, who has separated from two husbands - one being Brad Pitt - they can prove more reliable than a man. "Men come and go but there really is no relationship like the one you have with a dog." They are, to quote the famous theme tune, "there for you".

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