UFO sighting: Does NASA Apollo 10 photo show alien ‘Dark Knight’ satellite?

UFO sighting: Does NASA Apollo 10 photo show alien ‘Dark Knight’ satellite?

The Dark Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that there is at least one alien UFO in near-polar orbit of the Earth. This has led UFO conspiracy theorists to claim US space agency NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding the Dark Knight satellite’s existence and origin. And well-known alien life believer Scott Waring has reignited the bizarre theory after re-examining a photo from the iconic Apollo 10 moon mission.

Waring took to his etdatabase.com UFO blog to say: “I have found something unique orbiting the Earth during the Apollo 10 mission.

Waring then proceeds to use sophisticated photo editing software to digitally manipulate the image to get a clearer look at the mysterious object.

He adds: “It has large arms. Astronauts have said they have seen large L-shaped arms fly past their space shuttle.

“The craft does have large appendages to it and it looks almost bio-mechanical or a living ship.

“This ship is proof of absolutely amazing alien technology which is out of our grasp unless someone can retrieve this Dark Knight satellite.

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“This photograph does match-up with descriptions of Dark Knight satellites in orbit around Earth.

“They are though to have been in near-Earth orbit for tens of thousands of years, but regularly go unreported by US space agency NASA.

“No-one can approach this ancient alien technology because they will defend themselves.”

This most infamous photo used by UFO conspiracy theories was taken in 1998.

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The NASA photo is believed by some to show the Black Knight satellite, but the space agency has stated this was likely space debris, specifically a thermal blanket lost during an extravehicular mission.

Waring’s post soon attracted scores of comments on his YouTube channel.

Cosmic Soul wrote: “Dark Knight is always monitoring us.. it's part of their mission... And for many decades.”

However Leatherneck Joe is a little more sceptical, commenting: “You can never tell, could be what you say or a one of hundreds of satellites in orbit.”

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