UFO sighting: NASA films ‘largest UFO ever recorded’ exiting Sun

NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) project is an ambitious attempt to study the internal structure and outer atmosphere of the Sun. Since it began orbiting our star, NASA’s space telescope has made numerous achievements, from understanding the Sun’s complicated gas currents hidden beneath its surface, to tracking changes in its magnetic fields. But UFO hunter Scott Waring believes the NASA solar observatory has now made its most amazing discovery to date – capturing an UFO as it exits our Sun. Waring took to his etdatabase.com UFO blog to speculate about his outlandish alien theory.

He said: “You won’t believe this. This is an angelic UFO close-up coming out of the Sun this week.

“This is a video captured by the NASA SOHO helioviewer.org. And it has captured an angelic craft coming out of the Sun during a solar explosion.”

A still of the NASA footage shows much solar debris spewing from the Sun’s right-hand side.

Then an unexpected anomaly is shown only for an instant appearing on the star’s left-hand side.

Waring proceeds to slow the NASA footage down enough to see the oddly-shaped anomaly near the top of the Sun.

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The image is also inverted into a negative format using digital manipulation, with the strange object shows up black against the white of the Sun.

The Sun is bright white due to the intense heat it emits – on average 5,500C.

He said: “Look at that. It is freaking solid. It is not clear or transparent like the surrounding debris.”

However, the anomaly shows up dark, leading Waring to ask: “How can anything exiting the Sun be so cold?

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“Even the gas and the solar debris surrounding the Sun can be seen cooling-off.

“But this UFO is really dark. This is 100 percent an alien craft.

“Angelic craft have in fact been spotted around the Sun for ages but this particular one is different.

“UFOs usually have a long dragonfly-like tail in their back, but this one doesn’t, which is very strange.

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The footage was filmed by NASA’ SOHO on Thursday, June 20, according the footage’s timestamp.

Waring then zooms-in on the NASA footage in an attempt to prove the craft is a solid object.

The solar debris field becomes very pixelated when viewed from close-up, while the anomaly remains relatively sharp.

Waring continues: “It doesn’t look at all like a solar explosion and if it was ejecta this would not be black in negative format.

“It would be the same colour as the Sun from this distance. And that to me is amazing.”

The anomaly appears to be huge in comparison to the star, approximately the size of Jupiter.

Waring adds: “This has to be one of the largest UFOs ever recorded.

“Nothing that big could move that fast unless it has the ability to travel at light speed.”

Scores of UFO enthusiasts took to Youtube to comment on Waring’s bizarre theory.

MeT L Head wrote: “Dude, it’s an upside-down saucer. But that thing looks bigger than Jupiter.”

And Sondi 907SkyWatcher agreed, adding: “It’s kind of like in the shape of a sting ray. Nice catch! That thing is huge!”

NASA has not commented on Mr Waring’s find.

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