UK weather: Heat chart turns black as 'record-breaking' 31C June heatwave scorches nation

Britain is set to bask in “record-breaking” temperatures next week, as a hot air mass rising from North Africa drifts across Europe. A UK temperature anomaly chart turns black with heat on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, as the mercury rises by 8C. The WXCHARTS temperature anomaly map shows the difference from an average temperature. The chart also turns a deep red for much of the UK on Monday and Tuesday, indicating a rise of 4C.

Sky News’ weather presenter Jo Wheeler said: “The weather is going to be quite a talking point throughout this week.

“We’re looking at the kind of temperatures that could break some June records, not just for us but also western parts of Europe.”

However, these soaring temperatures are set to spark some severe thunderstorms.

Ms Wheeler added: “But before you get the sun lotion out, I should say we may face some torrential rain at times and some feisty thunderstorms too.”

BBC weather host Nick Miller forecast temperatures to reach 31C in some parts of the UK.

He said: “The stormy start to the week turning hotter as well, 30C, 31C is possible in the hot spots. Much more humid as well, not everybody that hot.”

A hot air mass from North Africa will hit Europe next week, gradually drifting across the UK.

The Met Office’s deputy chief meteorologist Laura Ellam explained: “The reason it will turn really warm across the UK is the heat building across continental Europe.

“From Sunday onwards that temperature will be drawn up and across the UK itself, making the country much more warm and humid than we have seen of late.

“Those high temperatures in Europe could potentially be record-breaking such as in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

“Compared with June so far, it’s going to be significantly warmer and more humid, which you’ll also notice.

“Temperatures could potentially rise into the low-30s as we move into the next week.

“We are also looking at an increased risk of thunderstorms following this weekend.”

In the UK, thunderstorms are also forecast with a severe warning issued for most of the UK between Sunday afternoon and the entirety of Monday.

The Met Office said low pressure will cause the storms, which are set to increase the chance of flooding, power cuts and disruption to travel.

Meteorologists warned earlier this month that heatwaves could be a trend for summer in Europe this year due to high-pressure systems.

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