Europe weather warning: Holidaymakers face soaring temps of 39C

In June, France bore the brunt of a lethal heatwave that saw the country release a weather warning for the first time in the country’s history. While the capital Paris came to a standstill, parts of the south of France experienced a record heat of 45C. All-time highs were reached across the continent in countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

But this week, Italy is readying for a hot blast with Tuscany expecting temperatures of 37C in Rome and 39C in Tuscany.

The harsh temperatures are expected to hit the regions on Wednesday and Thursday and will also affect inland in regions such as Lazio, Sardinia and the Po Valley.

But the stifling conditions won’t last long, with the air expected to cool by the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Italian Ministry of Health placed a red heat warning for Brescia and Pescara on Tuesday.

But there will be six red alert warnings in place by Wednesday for Brescia, Pescara, Bolzano, Florence, Perugia and Turin.

The new heatwave is said to be driven by high and low pressure colliding on the Atlantic Ocean, forcing in warm air that has drifted in the Algeria in Northern Africa.

High temperatures near or above 38C (100F) are expected in Madrid, Lyon and Paris.

Several days of temperatures in excess of 32C (90 F) are forecast for Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich and Milan.

According to meteorologist Bernardo Gozzini, the plume of air “will reach Europe, bringing records in cities like Paris where 38 degrees are expected, and London with 33 degrees, just to name a few”.

But weather forecasts are predicting areas such as London will be hit by temperatures of up to 37C

BBC Weather has warned Britons to brace for “record-breaking temperatures” this week as an area of high pressure fuelled by the Northern African air.

If temperatures reach the expected 37C, they will break the current UK record for July, which is 36.7C and was recorded at Heathrow in 2015

The all-time UK temperature record is 38.5C, which was recorded in Faversham in August 2003.

Additonal reporting by Maria Ortega.

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