PS Plus August 2019: Great PS4 game news for fans without PlayStation Plus

The PS Plus August 2019 free games for have yet to be announced by Sony.

And they probably won’t be confirmed until much later in the month, with current predictions suggesting the last day of July.

So unless we get a lucky leak or slip up from Sony themselves, fans have a little wait to go before they find out the big PlayStation Plus news.

However, until that happens, we've had a few PSN announcements that gamers on PS4 will want to know about.

And it includes a new game beta launching on the PlayStation platform which won’t require a PS Plus membership.


Black Desert Online is launching on PS4 in August 2019 and there are plans to run an open beta too.

For those that don’t know what it is, Black Desert is an expansive MMORPG, allowing gamers to Jump into fast-paced action and hunt monsters and huge bosses.

There’s a bunch of other features included in the game and that’s not to mention the next updates being planned by the development team.

And Pearl Abyss has also announced that Black Desert Beta testing has been scheduled for August 9-13.

That’s in preparation for the full Black Desert launch on August 22, 2019, which will bring yet another game to the PlayStation Store.

A few things to note is that the Black Desert beta will not require a PS Plus subscription, a great bonus for those who want to avoid the monthly membership service.

However, the PlayStation Store notes that the full version of the game will require PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer.

All participants that sign up for the Beta will receive an exclusive Sky Hawk pet at launch, and it should also be noted that all player data will reset at the end of the event.

The full version of Black Desert is available to purchase on the PlayStation Store and isn’t going to be another free-to-play title.

Black Desert is available for pre-order with Standard (£23.99 GBP), Deluxe (£39.99 GBP) and Ultimate (£78.49 GBP) Editions, which offers various in-game rewards.

The Early Purchase Bonus includes a 10% Discount for PS+ Subscribers, Exclusive In-game Title and Elion's Tear (x3).

Meanwhile, the Black Desert Standard Edition digital bundle includes the Full Game, Snow Wolfdog (Pet), Value Pack (30 Day) and Pearl Box (1000 Pearls) - Virtual currency.

“Slay monsters, abominations and gods, or engage in relaxing life skills like crafting, fishing and cooking. Become your true self in this truly open, open-world MMORPG,” the official game description reads.

“Get to grips with the fast-paced, combo-orientated combat system of Black Desert. Chaining skills together has never felt so satisfying!

“Black Desert has a huge open world to explore. From the seaside towns of Velia and Olvia, to the sprawling expanse of Calpheon and the deserts of Valencia, there is always something new to discover.

“Sometimes it's good just to sit back and relax, and in Black Desert, you can fish, trade, hunt, craft and more! Each life skill rewards players in their own ways, but every life skill can be profitable.”

The Black Desert beta sign up is available to use now and does not require players to pre-order the game to get access on PS4.

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